13th Annual Summit Mt. Washington — 6 Comments

  1. What would be the best way to support hiking for mental health? Anyway we could connect to your trip to Mt Washington but on an alternate date?
    Three of us have booked a trip there July 9th. I would like to help support this organization through our hiking.

    • That’s wonderful, Maria. It’s looks like you might have already found the answer – you can register your hike independently to make it part of HIKE for Mental Health!

  2. I am interested in this hike. I have hiked Mt. Washington many times prior to having a knee replacement. I know I can get up, but I am not sure about the descent. Would it be possible to take the train down if I buy a round trip ticket?

    • I checked with the Cog Railway and I know they no longer offer the one way hiker tickets, but they do allow people to buy a round trip ticket and use it only to go down. I would love to climb up again.

      • Another option is to ride the cog up, then hike on the trails around the summit a bit – to get all panoramic views and experience the exhilaration of hiking above the clouds! – then ride the cog back down.

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