Laurie Lawrence’s hike for Bipolar – Depression – Anxiety – Mental Health Awareness — 20 Comments

  1. I have known major depression most of my life, over 60 years. It can be debilitating as if being locked out of this world and in my own nothingness. But with the grace of God I have been healing the parts of my childhood that have contributed to this response. And I have experienced healing of my mind, forgiveness of those who abused me and have found mercy with my God. I have no problem shining the light of mental illness because I know that the more light shined on this subject, the more attention and study can be done to aleviate the problem.
    Thank you for participating in this important work for our community.

  2. For both of our Mom’s and all the others that suffer ~ in honor of my mom on her birthday ~ you are such a blessing to this world.

  3. I know many people who suffer a lifetime with this. Thank you for having the courage and compassion to speak truth.
    May God be with you on your hiking journey.

  4. Thank you for All you do, you are a beautiful person. Your Aunt Polly cherished you & your sister . Best to you on the Hike 💪💜

  5. Laurie, you inspire me. I wish I could join you😃the older I get the more I realize it’s not going to happen🥲

  6. Laurie, Thank you for being the voice and heart for those who suffer! This is in memory of my grandfather Herve Raymond as well as for Jason! Love you!!

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