Fun for One and All on Our 2013 Veterans Day Walk — 2 Comments

  1. Is there a Veteran’s Day Walk in the Houston, Texas area???………I live in Pearland, Texas and know how Texans like to support our soldiers……..I’m also a veteran/USAR…….Is there a program/schedule/walk plan/recommendations available to organize a walk?? Linda Rider/281-648-4251

    • Hi Linda,
      We do not have a Veteran’s Walk scheduled in the Houston area yet, but we would love to have one this year. Maybe a 1 or 2 mile walk in one of the local Pearland parks? Would you consider helping to organize it? We have a Board member who lives in that area and would be willing to co-organize it with you, but she travels a lot on business and needs an “anchor person” for the day of the walk in case she gets called out of town. I will send you a separate email so we can continue the discussion.