Black Mountain Hike to Oktoberfest — 6 Comments

  1. Hello team. I’m writing to ask about camping near by, I’m not familiar to the area and the NY camping reservation system does recognize Anthony Wayne, Harrimon nor Bear Mountain on their site search?? So which location do you think would work? I’m trying to put together a family camping & hiking event which would incorporate the H for Mental Health Oktoberfest.,..Let me know

    • Hi Linda. That sounds like a great plan. Take a look at BEAVER POND STATE PARK and Harriman State Park. It’s very close and has several excellent camping options.

  2. I may be away on October 1st and so hoping I’m not because I would love to go on this hike. It will be my first. Since I live by the beach, I should start practicing my more difficult walking skills by walking along the shore at high tide when the sand is usually very wet and on a complete slant. Looking very forward to this hike as I too suffer from a mental illness.

    • There is nothing t a way to upload them directly here, Brandon, but if you create a new album on your Facebook and send me the link, I can grab them and upload here for you.

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