Stunning Views on 4th Annual Mt. Washington Hike — 1 Comment

  1. I believe it was in 1951 when family friend Alan Johnson was our guide on a day hike up Mt Washington. I would have been 13 at the time, and I climbed the mountain with family members and a girl a year younger than me named Ann Gullord. we fell in love on that hike in a way our elders don’t think possible. when we summited, Ann and i climbed down and sat on a small promontory that jutted out over the headwall. we held hands there, not to steady ourselves but because we were in love, as only the young can be. our elders couldn’t see us climb down to that little rock promontory or they would have screamed bloody murder. it was incredibly dangerous, and I don’t know why Ann and I did it, bit it crowned that day for us. our feet dangled literally over perhaps 700 feet of nothing but air, I do remember being afraid we’d fall off, but we just had to do it.
    this is a true recollection of our hike up Mt Washington one chilly spring (?) day in about 1951, a day when Ann and I helpd each other make it the 5 exhausting miles or so to the summit. “Ain’t young love grand?”

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