Mt. Washington hike moves mountains — 1 Comment

  1. This was my second Hike for Mental Health and this one was with a group. For this hike I had to drive to Atlanta Georgia then fly to Boston then drive another 100+ miles. Worth every thing it took to get there.
    We had a blast and look forward to hiking it again next year. We could not have asked for better weather. We got a bit of a late start hiking as we had a set back. So we opted to take the Cog Railway down the mountain. Only wildlife we saw on the way up was a few dogs Lol. But with the breathtaking views that was ok for me. One thing about it if you want to see the views we saw on the way up you had to hike to “See It”. Thanks to Tom Kennedy I learned about HRMH on my 2015 A.T. Hike when I met him at laughing heart hostel.
    Knowing more about it and how it works I hope to participate in more hikes next year.
    Thanks to all who organized this great hike, was simply the best day one could ask for.
    Hike On
    Ray / Beep

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