Rachel’s Hike for Mental Health — 83 Comments

  1. Go Rachel!!! If I was younger this would be a dream of mine to try! You will do amazing! I am an avid day hiker and in awe of your determination to do this! You got this! Have fun!

  2. Very excited to follow your journey hiking the PCT!

    Your extended family in Texas is cheering you on every step of the way!

  3. We admire the independent, strong and VERY adventurous woman you are. I don’t know many people who would even dream of doing something like this, let alone actually make it happen!

  4. You are amazing! Know that we will be cheering you on every day, you are so inspiring and have chosen such an important cause. We are hoping timing will work and we can meet you on the trail. Sending you Peace, Joy, Happiness and Fortitude .

  5. Rachel, you have so much wisdom for such a young lady. Proud of you and am inspired by what you are doing. There is absolutely peace and learning found in nature. And I enjoy some silence each day. I love that you are helping others find help and healing.

  6. Good luck Rachel. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your amazing experience after you complete the trail.

  7. So admire your passion and focus to accomplish the things really important to you! Following you on this grandcadventure!

  8. So admire your passion and focus to accomplish the things really important to you! Following you on this grand adventure!

  9. My adopted son is doing the PCT as we speak. I think he’s maybe a few days behind you. Thank you for allowing me to share in this journey. I wish you the best on your trip of a lifetime.

  10. We are so proud of you Rachel. This organization is a wonderful representation of the good that the outdoors, hiking, nature, etc bring to the world.

  11. Best of luck Rachael in your hike and commitment to a great cause. It is very impressive. We look forward to following your blog and hearing about it more on our next dental visit with your dad.

  12. Donation from patient of Rob E Sable DDS PC. Congratulations on an amazing journey! We are all cheering you on!!

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