Mark Langdon’s Hike for Mental Health — 48 Comments

  1. Hi Mark! We at HIKE for Mental Health are excited for your upcoming fifth group hike up Mt. Washington! That is amazing. We are grateful for all of the fundraising you have done for HFMH. Would you be interested in telling me a bit more about your past hikes up Mt. Washington with HFMH? My email is brayden(at) Talk soon!

  2. This is amazing. As someone who has battled through their own journey with her mental health, I can appreciate all the healing hiking has given me. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Mark, thanks for your efforts to raise awareness and for sharing your struggles. My 22 year old son has mental health issues and addiction to alcohol. He is getting treatment but unfortunately so many don’t.

  4. Hey Mark, 5 bucks is the best I can do right now. Hope you understand. I want to support you. Maybe one day you can tell me about mental illness and how common and serious it is. I have every confidence you’ll have no trouble climbing Big George!

  5. Mark your such a loving,caring,person.I am honored to be your Aunt and even more Honored to help you out in this awesome hike your doing for a beautiful cause.God Bless you Mark.Love you.

  6. Praying for safety for all those hiking and a special blessing on those with health challenges.. mental, physical and spiritual . Enjoy the views along the way!!

  7. Proud of you Mark! Mental Healrh really does matter!!! Thinking of you and hoping all goes well! Thanks for going above and beyond to do your part!!

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