HIKE For Mental Health Welcomes Aspiring JMT Hiker — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Emily,

    My granddaughter is working on the same degree at Portland Bible College. Her mother and brother have hiked a total of 1,400 miles on the Appalachian trail. My daughter is an artist, and artist. I think she wanted the out in nature experience. Next walk is the Pacific crest trail. I have a daughter who has a mental illness, I can’t believe how much walking helps her. I wish more was written about the evidence, but most people with mental illness to not know it helps. Good luck on your adventures.

    • Joyce-

      Those sound like amazing adventures! The benefit of being nature and/or walking in nature is amazing, but you’re right, there isn’t a easily accessible or large body of work to access. Part of what I hope to do here at HIKE for Mental Health, is to find those resources and make them more accessible.

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