McKinney Brothers AT Thru Hike Fundraiser — 29 Comments

  1. Always wanted to hike the AT, I know you guys will have fun. Im really glad you picked this charity, struggling with mental illness is not fun and its great that it is combined with nature appreciation. Have a nice walk!

  2. What an exciting adventure you and Rob are taking. Can’t wait to hear about it. Stay safe! Proud of you for supporting such an important cause. Love you both!

  3. As a struggling grad student I love what this company stands for! Wanted to help contribute with what I was able to and keep posting your journey!

  4. As someone who suffers from mental illness your yoga classes were a great help when I was in undergrad! This is a great endeavor

  5. We are beyond PROUD of the McKinney boys & so excited to hear about your adventures! You are both ROCKSTARS!

  6. You guys are amazing and we love your posts and pictures. Such an inspiration to us all. Love and Big Hugs❤️

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