Just Awesome Hikes the CDT — 46 Comments

  1. Zach, congrats on finding a new passion while the music business is on furlough. Hope that will be back soon and hope your hike is safe and successful.

  2. One step, one defining moment at a time. Very inspired by your journey. You are giving me courage to tell my own story. XO

  3. Your actions are inspiration to so many people. Here’s prayers for a healthy body, mind and spirit to carry you through. God’s speed to you!

  4. Your journey in life has taken many twists and turns, I was along for some of that ride. I am so proud of the direction your life is in with constant forward motion to better mind, body, soul through your hiking.. In my thoughts and prayers friend.

  5. I love everything you are doing. My dream is when I retire to hike more and backpack with my daughter . You are an inspiration to so many. Thank you!

  6. Amazed at your perseverance Zach! Hope the last several days of your journey are as awesome as the ones before them. Keep on truckin’ buddy!

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