Johnathan’s AT Thru Hike 2020 — 19 Comments

  1. The 2019 Official distance of the AT is 2,192. My wife and I are donating up front $1 for the first 10% of the trail ($219.20). We also PLEDGE another $1 for every mile after #219 which will be paid at the time John officially exits the trail. I truly look forward to shelling out another $1972.80 as this is a great cause. I challenge others to pledge an amount/mile (.01, .05,.25…). GO—>

  2. Happy hiking to all hitting a trail this year! Best of luck to my fellow hikers on the Appalachian Trail in the Class of 2020….and a huge KUDOS to everyone that registers and promotes their hike through Hiking for Mental Health. Just registered my own hike, and rather than donate to myself I wanted to give a boost to all my hiking tramily here in getting up their “donation mountain”. 🙂 Hope to see some of you on the trail, and thanks to all of you for getting behind such an important cause!!! “Cray” 4-4-2020

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