Danny Divilly’s 100 Day Thru-Hike — 17 Comments

  1. I am donating in memory of my husband who died by suicide 8 years ago. He suffered from Mental Illness for years and I am a survivor of 2 suicide attempts and still struggle daily with mental illness. I have found peace in hiking and it has changed my life. God bless you

  2. So proud of you Danny! Thank you for raising money for mental health. God Bless you on this journey, and prayers that He watches over you and keeps you safe and healthy🙏🏻❤️!!

  3. Thank you for bring awareness to mental health. Hiking brings my family so much happiness. I can’t wait to see your final post at Mt. Katahdin. Good luck to you.

  4. Danny, super proud of what you are going to accomplish! Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you summit Katahdin.

  5. In honor of those who struggle everyday and those we have lost to Mental Illness. My husband bring one of them. God rest his soul. His name was Doug Bruce. God bless you for bringing awareness. Keep up the good work you are doing an amazing thing.

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