Bradley Benjamin’s Hiking for Mental Health 50 Miles — 16 Comments

  1. I love that you are doing this, seems like such a great cause and I’m glad your working on your own mental wellbeing, something we all much make time to do. Enjoy the fall hikes- best time to be in upstate NY.

  2. Walking and hiking are activities that I rely on to manage anxiety, feel present, and have a happier and healthier mindset. Living in Philly, the miles that I’ve put in traversing the city when I need to calm down have been so important in helping me learn about and engage with the community. I really admire this fundraiser and I really relate to your motivation.

  3. So glad we could join you both yesterday, it’s really great of you to do this in your friend’s memory and raise awareness of mental health issues. Hope that we can add some more miles together soon.

  4. Thank you for this much needed support for mental health. Physical comfort and compassion is difficult right now and my heart is overflowing for all suffering from mental health concerns.

  5. Hi Mr. Benjamin! It’s amazing that you’re doing this. I miss having you as a teacher, and wish you the best of luck for your last week of hiking!

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