Big D’s hike for mental health — 54 Comments

  1. Dave, you are such an amazing guy and a role model for me growing up! Love you and am so thankful for all you are doing. Thanks for letting the Lord use you!

  2. David, Best of luck! I really love the cause you are hiking for and am very happy to be able to support it 🍷😃

  3. Go get ’em Dave! Good luck on your adventure! And remember, someday when you are ready to climb a “real” mountain (14,000′ +) y’all are welcome in Colorado for a visit! 🤠👍

  4. Dave!!! If your hike was today, my son, Tim was also hiking Mt. Washington today!! He came from Maine to do this hike..He did Katahdin in June…

  5. I’m thinking of you!! What a great thing you are doing!! I remember you as a beautiful little boy with a beautiful family.❤️

  6. Not only did you have a beautiful day for a hike but you helped many people while also getting some benefit as well!!! 👍🏼

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