Bare feet, Full Life — 15 Comments

  1. Getting out in nature has always been an amazing way to better my mental health and I’m super stoked for your guys’ journey. Can’t wait to read and see all the updates, safe hiking!

  2. Thanks for bringing awareness to such a misunderstood area of life! Until you have a family member or friend struggling with mental health do you learn not to judge but to understand with Compassion! We all have a story! ❤️

  3. Devin, I’m so excited to watch this next huge adventure of your amazing journey! So proud of you and inspired by your courage and perpetual pursuit of positivity:))

  4. May the phytoncides and paramagnetic frequencies of life melt away all that causes you agony as you gift your naked feet to the earth, roots and water pulsing through our beautiful country, Florida.
    We are blessed to have you in our wild spaces.

    Peace to you in all the pieces of this puzzle called life.

  5. So stoked about your adventure. Love the cause & love what your doing. You have come a long way since we were lifeguards on the beach together. Super proud of wish you nothing but success. Keep having fun 🙂

  6. You guys are amazing! Enjoy the remaining part of your hike and Thank you for hiking for and bringing awareness to mental health.

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