ADK Woods Walker — 16 Comments

  1. Keep shining that bright light of yours and sharing that beautiful message, Jay! Get out and DO something AWESOME!!

  2. Good luck, and thanks for doing this. Lost my older brother to suicide in 2004. He and I loved to hike together; including the Adirondacks. Now he hikes with me in spirit.

  3. Keep up the great work Jay! Thanks so much for all you do! Hope to make a subscriber hike one of these years! Guard the hearth back in Saratoga County and if you are ever out in the Finger Lakes let me know! ~ Dave (Plante29)

  4. Thank you for all your videos, sharing your adventures with us, and for supporting/advocating such a great cause! Best luck meeting your goal!

  5. I am a retired veteran who fully understands the challenges of mental health. Not only for veterans but for so many hikers and people of the world who’s world and lives are being challenged by everyday life. What you guys are doing is awesome.

  6. Lost my brother to suicide and the struggle with mental health can be incredibly hard fought. Thank you for bringing awareness and do just a little to help.

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