Mt Washington Readiness Check

Hiking to the summit of Mount Washington is extremely strenuous - the equivalent of walking continuously up 400 flights of stairs.

Miles of the trail are over loose boulders than will shift under your step.

For your safety and the safety of hikers around you, it is important that you have the balance and stamina to make the ascent.

If in doubt, we strongly recommend you consider participating by summiting via the Cog Railroad instead of on foot.

I have hiked up Mt. Washington before.
I have hiked other New England mountains.
I am an experienced hiker.
I regularly walk or hike distances of 5 miles or more.
I do at least 40 minutes of cardio exercise most weeks.
I have a history fo leg/ankle/knee/foot injuries that sometimes recur with heavy use.
I have balance concerns about walking over miles of loose boulders.
I am concerned about my ability to complete the ascent.
Responsibility for children
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