• Do you help hikers with funds or gear for their hikes?
    Leo Walker25-12-2017

    We hear from many good people trying to figure out funding for their trail adventures, and we would love to be able to help them all, especially those hiking as part of a healing journey.

    Unfortunately, that is not our mission.

    Why not? We are a small all-volunteer non-profit. We do not raise millions of dollars, so we want to make sure the funds we do raise have the greatest potential to make a difference in the world. If we were to fund individual hikers, we would be able help a handful of people each year. Funding wilderness trail conservancy ensures we preserve the trails for everyone. Funding break-throughout mental health research has the potential to alleviate suffering for thousands, even millions, of people facing mental illness.

    Here are some other approaches and organizations you might try instead.

    Warrior Expeditions funds a limited number of hikers each year. To qualify, you must be an honorably discharged combat veteran. See here for more details.

    Some hikers have had success with GoFundMe campaigns. Those campaigns tend to work best when you have a mission or purpose to your hike. Here is a helpful article on the subject from thetrek.co.

    Speaking of thetrek.co, they also fund equipment for a limited number of hikers each year who will blog for them on the trail. Try this link for more details.