Exclusive interview with Susan Letcher — 5 Comments

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  2. I am very interested in hiking this on August 26. I am a runner and have only hiked very little. BUT – mental illness is what makes me run! I lost my mom to severe mental illness almost 4 years ago. I recently did a walk Strides for Stigma at Boston University. I am going to check out the books right now… if you could send me more info on this hike please?

    Laurie Lawrence

    • Hi Laurie,
      This is Leo Walker, one of the co-founders of HIKE for Mental Health. We are thrilled that you are interested. I will send you an email with additional information. Thanks for helping us to spread the word. You can also check out our facebook page.

    • You seriously want me to post women’s ages on a public website? Are you trying to get me killed? Ha! Ha! More seriously, Susan has been teaching botany at SUNY-Purchase; this year she begins a new role in her home-state Maine at the College of the Atlantic. ( She continues to be a great supporter of HFMH, for which we are thrilled and grateful. Lucy has an MFA in printmaking from Edinburgh College of Art, and I believe she now lives in Germany.

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