Colorado Joins 14 in ’14 Program with Red Rocks Hike — 4 Comments

    • Hope, the Red Rocks hike is an annual event. We are still finalizing the date for this year, but it will be sometime in the early fall. If you are interested in hikes in other parts of the country, the schedule is here. Our Mt. Washington hike in NH in August is the next one up. Please feel free to give me a shout if you have other questions: Thanks!

  1. I am interested in hiking pikes peak soon I have never been to CO and would like info on the best places to hike and go. I am from TN and CO is on my bucket list..any info would be appreciated. THNX!!!

  2. Hi Candace, Pikes peak is on my bucket list also. I recommend you check out the Colorado trail, I just had some friends who hiked it and they loved it. You can do it in sections or you can thru hike it. Also Hike for Mental Health does an annual summit Mt Washington hike every August, you might want to check that out also. And remember you can do any hike and raise funds for Hike for mental health. Here is a link to this years Mt Washington hike.

    Which ever hikes you do, I wish you safe hiking and hope to see you down the trail

    Tom Kennedy
    Vice president
    Hike for Mental Health

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