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  1. Hike for Mental Health gave my son, Christopher Potter, a wonderful experience in 2013. He didn’t get to finish the trail, but it was a dream of his to Hike it completely. Christopher passed away November 8, 2015. Knowing he fulfilled part of his dream makes it easier.

    • Louise, we are so sorry for your loss, and so honored to have been a small part helping Christopher realize a part of his dream. Your comment inspired me to go back a read Chris’s sponsor page again. He wrote, in part:

      “Hello. My name is christopher, everyone just calls me chris. I have had a life long goal of thru hiking the approximate 2200 rough, rocky, and steep terrain that follows along the spine of the appilachin mountains. The AT spans from Georgia to Maine across 14 states. I have a brother that suffers from a severe mental illness. It has been so hard on our family. I also have several friends that suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, and I myself suffer depression. I already wanted to hike the AT to search within myself, and so I can learn to appreciate the simpler things in life. When I saw that I could maybe help find cures for mental health problems around the world, Well, It really made me want to do it. I was hooked for the hike instantly! I want it to be for a cause! Now its not just about me anymore, its about us all now.”

      I’m am so humbled that such a soul was part of us. We are all diminished by his loss.

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