Leo R. Walker, President & Treasurer

Leo WalkerFor more than 20 years, Leo has worked with nonprofit organizations as well as in the public and private sector from New Hampshire to Washington state to New Mexico. He is currently a sales, marketing, and operations consultant for companies that work with small businesses.

His mom battled schizophrenia much of her adult life. He co-founded HIKE for Mental Health to help find better solutions to the challenges of mental illness while sharing his love for hiking and backpacking with others. A native Vermonter, Leo was graduated from Bowdoin College with a dual major in comparative religion and philosophy.

Contact Leo at leo.walker@hikeformentalhealth.org

Tom P. Kennedy, Vice President

Tom Kennedy, Vice President of Hike for Mental HealthTom fell in love with wilderness hiking the moment he set foot on the Appalachian Trail. Born in 1952, he has been an outdoorsman most of his life. He has traveled extensively in the USA and Europe as a sales person and sales trainer. When not working, he can be found on his boat or wandering along some trail. Tom has dedicated himself to promoting the responsible use of our wilderness trails.

Tom has supported his sister’s battle with depression and co-founded HIKE for Mental Hike to help her and the millions of others who support loved ones with mental illness.

Contact Tom at tom.kennedy@hikeformentalhealth.org

Nancy A. Kozanecki, Secretary

Exhibiting a strong sense of community, Nancy has dedicated herself to volunteering for and working with nonprofit organizations for decades. As a professional engineer, her work takes her around the globe on a regular basis. Back at home, she has served as city councillor and is a founding member and officer of other nonprofits.

Originally from Illinois, Nancy earned her BS degree in chemical engineering from Tri-State University (now Trine University) and her MS in chemistry from the University of Houston. Nancy co-founded HIKE for Mental Health to help advance the scientific effort to discover causes, cures and treatments for mental health diseases.

Contact Nancy at nancy.kozanecki@hikeformentalhealth.org

Diana Pease, Director of Hiker Registration

diana-pease-profileAlways on the lookout for a great volunteer opportunity that fits her passions, Diana is pleased to have found HIKE for Mental Health. Volunteering is a key part of Diana’s life and she has volunteered with several organizations over the past 20 years.

Diana was born in England, spent her childhood in Illinois, and settled in Maine after serving four years in the US Navy. In her spare time, Diana enjoys hiking with her partner Paul and spending time with family.

Contact Diana at diana.pease@hikeformentalhealth.org